PloProf FAQ
Q. Is my PloProf a fake?
A. Fakes do exist and DeskDivers will produce a guide to the current poor quality fake PloProf as soon as we get our hands on one (if you have one we can review, please contact DeskDivers admin mailbox)
Q. My PloProf is old and battered who can repair it?
A. Companies like Watchco and Swiss Time Services can do this work but a full restoration is always best carried out by Omega, Bienne. Check the Omega Traditions website for more information. Always ask for return of your old parts if parts are replaced during restoration on your watch, as they are part of then history of the watch and retaining them will help the watch hold its value. Omega Bienne restorations carry a 2 year warranty period which includes water resistance.
Q. How old is my PloProf?
A. Omega can provide a certificate for your watch on receipt of the movement number. However it should be noted that this certification service applies to the movement only, as this is the only item on the watch with a unique serial number. The case has no individual serial numbers engraved on it and so Omega cannot provide any data pertinent to the watch case. This certificate details when the watch that used the movement serial number provided, was built and what country it was originally sold in.
Q. Can I buy a new case for my PloProf?
A. Only Omega has new cases for the PloProf and will only offer to replace the case if the existing case is beyond repair when they are restoring the watch for you.
Q. Rumour has it that Omega broke/lost the dies to manufacture the PloProf case – is that true?
A. This seems unlikely as Omega kept the dies to remake many other parts for their vintage watches and do so on a regular basis.
Q. Is there a Titanium version of the PloProf ?
A. Pictures of a prototype titanium PloProf exist in some books but DeskDivers has not seen one for sale, anyone with one please contact DeskDivers admin.
Q. What is a Milanese bracelet?
A. It’s the name given to what we today call the mesh bracelet sold by Omega in the 1970’s. The origin of the name ‘Milanese’ derives from a style of wirework (and originally lace!) manufactured in Milan, giving rise to the name.
Q. My Ploprof has the crown on the Right hand side, does that mean its a fake ?
A. No its valid to have a ‘lefty’ or ‘righty’ PloProf.
Q. Isn’t there a rumour that there is a different date wheel needed for the 1002 movement for use a PloProf due to its ability to be ‘lefty’ or ‘righty’?
A. There are two datewheels. The date wheel used on the Ploprof is a special calibre 1002 part that is only used for watches with the crown at 9..
Q. Will a PloProf help me attract girls?
A. Its unlikely as most girls don’t understand the PloProf ;)
A2. You could always knock ‘em on the head with it and drag them home, cave man style?!
Q. Can I dive with my PloProf?
A. The PloProf is a vintage watch and whilst some have recently been restored and/or have been pressure tested, it is not advisable to get any vintage watch wet. Anyway if you lost it during your dive you would be more than unhappy, I suspect…!
Q. My PloProf gains / loses time – is that right?
A. Recently serviced watches should keep good time (certainly within a minute +/- a day), if not your watch may need to be serviced. It is worth noting that the Cal. 1002 is not a chronometer movement, but it can be regulated to COSC standards, however because of the Monobloc case construction this is no easy task.
Q. What box would my PloProf have been originally sold in?
A. The 10 year period these watches were available for sale and the fickleness of sales staff means that these watches were often delivered with various types and designs of box, who is to say the box you have isn’t the one that your watch was delivered in? Also professional divers are not usually the kind of people who treasure the boxes their gear is delivered in and many boxes were simply thrown out as they had done their job of keeping the watch safe in its journey from the factory to the first owner.
Q. My watch came without any paperwork, is that normal?
A. As mentioned above, professional divers are not usually the kind of people who treasure items like papers or manuals for simple tools of the trade and many of these items were simply thrown out once their perceived usefulness had expired.
Q. Is a PloProf really now worth over US$10k?
A. Well two bidders in a recent Antiquorum auction seemed to think so and one sold for US$10,620 including buyer’s premium. Its estimate of US$3000-4000 was more realistic for the time although prices are moving steadily up over time.
Q. Where can I buy a PloProf?
A. Most trustworthy, and best value, are the watch forums, then the used watch dealers, and finally of course the online (and bricks and a mortar) auction houses. Whatever you buy, and who ever you buy from, you should do your research thoroughly into the watches and the seller.
Q. I’ve seen a picture of a black dialled PloProf, why can’t I buy one?
A. Sadly you’ve been duped by poor photo lighting, or worse  altered images, all the PloProf dials are shades of blue.
Q. Did Jacques Cousteau and his team really use these watches?
A. Yes, check this website with still shots from the films:
Q. Can I get more in-depth information about the Ploprof than is on this site?
A. Yes, there is a book....Omega PloProf by Jon Wallis
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