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The Publisher’s website does have a very cool book preview, however it only shows the first 15 pages so here are a few more pages to wet your appetite.
The Omega PloProf Book details the history, development and ownership experience of one of the most iconic dive watches of all time. The book takes the PloProf knowledge that originally appeared on this website and casts it into another dimension, with a vast amount of new information all illustrated with an impressive set of full colour photographs (close on 300 images and over 158 pages). Research for the book uncovered previously unknown data including new dial and bezel variations, case manufacturers and an in-depth look at the fakes that have proliferated recently. The book is written in the patented DeskDivers easy to digest style and will provide a solid reference for anyone who owns or aspires to own, this seminal dive watch.
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The book is published using the top quality 180 gsm 'premium paper' option, which has better image rendition and no bleed through on pages. The book is exclusively available in hardcover, with two options:
Dust Jacket or Image wrap.
Example pages taken from the 'Bezels' chapter
Example pages taken from the 'Dials' chapter
Example pages taken from the 'Movement' chapter
Example pages taken from the 'Fakes' chapter
Example pages taken from the 'Accessories' chapter
The book covers the following:
- History of the dive watch
- Omega’s situation when the PloProf was conceived, designed and built
- Developing and testing the PloProf
- In-depth info about the case, crystal, crown, red button, movement etc
- PloProf Variations, including the different cases, dials, hands and bezels
- Different strap options and packaging
- Owning the PloProf and basic maintenance
- Avoiding the fakes – in-depth comparison of real and fake PloProfs
- Documentation and Advertising
- Specifications and dimensions
Image Wrap books are bookstore-quality professionally printed by placing the cover image directly on the front and back of the hardcover, creating a smooth, sophisticated effect. Image Wrap covers feature a durable matte finish and library binding. There are no cover flaps.
Dust Jacket books are bookstore-quality and professionally printed with a durable library binding. A black linen hardcover 98 pt. case with laminated 4-colour dust jacket, including front and back flaps and printing on the spine.
The front and back pages (with the end papers that you get if you order the Dust Jacket version )
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The author of the book, Jon Wallis, began writing online articles in the mid 1990’s and is a founder member of the DeskDivers team who publish this website and of course
Since releasing the book Jon has also been engaged by Omega to write for their Omega Lifetime magazine, using his extensive knowledge of the history and origins of this ‘legend of the Abyss’, to craft the launch article for the new PloProf 1200m.
Todd from the USA said,
“There have been many articles written about this iconic dive watch but never before has the information been presented in such an organized and informative book. Jon is clearly an authority and has done his homework about the Omega PloProf. The information is invaluable to collectors (dial and bezel variations, fakes identified). The pictures are outstanding. I was very impressed with the quality of the book, the paper and the cover. This is a great read if you like dive watches and is highly recommended”
Paul from UK said,
“Congratulations. Looks like an excellent effort. I think I’d enjoy the book more than the watch...not a Ploprof fan but that wouldn`t stop me owning the book”
Bazz from the UK said,
“I think the book is great, a mine of useful and interesting information”
Marco said,
“and compliments for your PloProf-book, really like it and it made me finally get a Ploprof as well”
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