PloProf Dial Variations
It appears that there are three PloProf dials. Which are most easily differentiated by the order and content of the lower dial text.
Type I - These dials appear very dark blue and may be the reason for the rumoured black dial PloProf, due to inadequate lighting in photos.
Type III - This is the dial layout most people will be familiar with. It has the depth rating in meters and feet. The blue of the dial is mid-way between the Type I and Type II.
There are also appear to be three different bezels, at least two different handsets and two different case styles. More information about dials/hands/bezels/cases can be found in the book...
Almost all Type I dials appear very matte, bubbled and dark blue - almost black. It is thought that Omega noted these paint problems on the Type I and this precipitated the change to the Type II dials. These dials use Tritium luminous material which is notorious for ageing poorly by disintegrating and being affected by mould.
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Type II - This is the ‘bluest’ of the PloProf dials and is most recognisable in that the number “600” appears as the last line of text. Also the printing of the word "Seamaster" is much heavier than that of the text "Professional" or "600".
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